设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?



设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图1

So you scored a Google Home for Christmas. That’s awesome because this is a killer little smart speaker that can do a lot of different things—in fact, it can be a little overwhelming. The good news is that we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas on where to get started with your new Home.

因此,您为圣诞节打了一个Google Home。 太好了,因为这是个杀手little的小巧的扬声器,可以执行许多不同的操作-实际上,它可能有点让人难以接受。 好消息是我们已经为您覆盖。 以下是一些有关如何开始使用新首页的想法。

设置新的Google主页 (Set Up Your New Google Home)

First things first: you have to set that bad boy up because it’s basically useless in the box. But before we get into that, I want to take a quick minute to address something that is constantly on users’ minds when they get an always-listening device like Google Home: it’s not spying on everything you sayIt only listens for the hotword (“OK Google” or “Hey Google”), but that’s it. Nothing is recorded or transmitted back to Google until it hears those words. I promise.

首先,第一件事:您必须设置那个坏男孩,因为它在盒子里基本上没有用。 但是在开始讨论之前,我想花点时间解决一下用户在使用像Google Home这样的始终监听设备时不断想到的问题:这并不是在监视您所说的一切 它仅侦听热门词(“ OK Google”或“ Hey Google”),仅此而已。 在听到这些字词之前,不会记录任何内容或将其传输回Google。 我承诺。



With that out of the way, let’s get your new speaker set up. The first thing you’ll want to do is plug your Home up and download the Google Home app for iOS or Android.

不用担心,让我们来设置您的新扬声器。 您要做的第一件事是插入Home并下载适用于iOSAndroid的Google Home应用。

Launch it and run through the tutorial—it’s all pretty straightforward. Once the phone finds the new Home, it will let you know. If it finds other devices (like smart lights or plugs), it will show those, too. Select your new Home device and hit “Next.” It’ll then play a sound on your new Home to make sure it’s connected to the right one and you’ll confirm.

启动它并运行本教程,这非常简单。 手机找到新的首页后,就会通知您。 如果找到其他设备(例如智能灯或插头),它也会显示这些设备。 选择新的家用设备,然后单击“下一步”。 然后,它将在您的新Home上播放声音,以确保将其连接到正确的Home,然后您将确认。

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图2
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图3

From there, you’ll establish a room and connect the Home to Wi-Fi. After it’s all connected, you’ll sign in to your Google account—assuming you’ve set up Google Assistant on your phone, your voice settings will automatically be imported. That’s cool.

从那里,您将建立一个房间并将家庭连接到Wi-Fi。 连接完成后,您将登录自己的Google帐户-假设您已经在手机上设置了Google助手,则语音设置将自动导入。 这很酷。

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图4
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图5

If this is the first time you’re setting up Google Assistant, you’ll be able to teach it to recognize your voice. If you’ve already set it up on another device, it can pull the voice model from there for you.

如果这是您第一次设置Google助手,则可以教它识别您的声音。 如果您已经在另一台设备上进行了设置,它可以为您拉出语音模型。

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图6
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图7

Next, the Google Home app will detect if you have certain music apps installed and offer to set them up for you. Here, it discovered I use Spotify. It will then offer to set up video services for you.

接下来,Google Home应用会检测您是否安装了某些音乐应用,并主动为您进行设置。 在这里,发现我使用了Spotify。 然后它将为您提供设置视频服务。

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图8
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图9

Finally, you’ll get a chance to set the location where the Home will be used, review all your settings, and run through a quick tutorial on how to use Home.


设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图10
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图11

With all the simple stuff out of the way, you’re ready to really start using your new Google Home.

一切简单的东西都准备好了,您就可以开始真正使用新的Google Home了。

添加另一个帐户 (Add Another Account)

If you plan on sharing your Home with someone else in the house (or multiple people, even), you’ll want to add everyone else’s Google account. Why? Because the Google Assistant will be able to differentiate people by their voices, therefore offering personalized results.

如果您打算与家里的其他人(甚至是多人)共享房屋,则需要添加其他人的Google帐户。 为什么? 由于Google助手可以通过声音区分人,因此可以提供个性化的结果。

For example, if I tell my Google Home to add an event to my calendar, it will match my voice to my account and add it only to my personal calendar, not my wife’s. It works the same way for her.

例如,如果我告诉我的Google Home将事件添加到日历中,它将使我的声音与我的帐户相匹配,并且仅将其添加到我的个人日历中,而不添加到我妻子的日历中。 对她来说,它的工作方式相同。

To add a second (or third, fourth, etc.)  account to an existing Google Home, the person who you’d like to add will need to install the Home app on their phone. When they launch it and sign in, it will look for new devices and you can just follow the setup routine.

要将第二个(或第三个,第四个等)帐户添加到现有的Google Home,您想要添加的人将需要在其手机上安装Home应用。 当他们启动并登录时,它将查找新设备,您可以按照设置例程进行操作。

You can also add new Home Members from your Home app by heading into Settings, clicking the “Household” option, and then clicking the plus button at the top right. You can then choose from your contacts or type a gmail address manually.

您还可以通过进入“设置”,单击“家庭”选项,然后单击右上角的加号按钮,从家庭应用程序中添加新的家庭成员。 然后,您可以从联系人中选择或手动输入Gmail地址。

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图12
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图13

For a more detailed look at how to add accounts to your Google Home, check out this post.

要详细了解如何向您的Google Home添加帐户,请参阅这篇文章

让调子流淌 (Get the Tunes Flowing)

I mean, Google Home is a speaker, so using it for music is a pretty good thing to do with it. There are a couple of ways to get your tunes rolling with Home:

我的意思是,Google Home扬声器,因此将其用于音乐是一件不错的事情。 有两种方法可以使您的音乐随Home一起滚动:

Cool, right? Yeah. But if you took the time to add multiple accounts to your Home like outlined above, there are a couple of things you’ll want to take a look at.

酷吧? 是的但是,如果您像上面概述的那样花时间将多个帐户添加到您的家庭中,则需要考虑以下几点。

First off, every account can set their own preference for music service—Google Play Music, Pandora, YouTube Music, and Spotify are all supported, though you can only use one at a time. It’s a weird quirk, but alas, there’s nothing you can do.

首先,每个帐户都可以设置自己的音乐服务偏好设置-支持全部Google Play音乐,Pandora,YouTube音乐和Spotify,尽管您一次只能使用一个。 这是一个奇怪的怪癖,但是a,您无能为力。

To change your music preferences, open the Google Home app and hit the “Settings” button. On the Settings page, scroll down a bit and tap the “Music” option.

要更改您的音乐偏好设置,请打开Goog​​le Home应用并点击“设置”按钮。 在“设置”页面上,向下滚动一点,然后点击“音乐”选项。

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图14
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图15

You’ll see a list of your music services, as well as other available options.


设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图16

But let’s say you have a premium Spotify account and your significant other doesn’t. You can actually let him/her use your account by choosing the last option here: “No Default.” This will automatically default all music playing to the other person’s settings. We have more information on how that works right here.

但是,假设您有一个高级Spotify帐户,而您的其他重要帐户则没有。 您实际上可以通过选择此处的最后一个选项来让他(她)使用您的帐户:“无默认值”。 这将自动将所有播放的音乐默认为其他人的设置。 我们在这里更多有关其工作原理的信息

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图17

设置您的智能家居 (Set Up Your Smarthome)

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图18

Aside from being a speaker that you can talk to, Google Home is basically the hub of your entire smarthome. If you have other smart devices—like Philips Hue lighting, Nest thermostats or cameras, and the like—then you’ll want to set those up in Google Home. You can even add Chromecast and Android TV to your home for easy control using your voice.

除了成为您可以与之交谈的演讲者之外,Google Home基本上是整个智能家居的枢纽。 如果您还有其他智能设备(例如Philips Hue照明设备, Nest恒温器或照相机等),则需要在Google Home中进行设置。 您甚至可以将Chromecast和Android TV添加到家里,以便使用语音轻松控制。

If you pop open the Home app, the main screen is a dashboard showing your rooms, routines, Google Home devices, and other smarthome devices you’ve set up. To add a new device, home member, speaker group, or even a new home, all you have to do is hit the “Add” button and then choose what you want to add.

如果您弹出打开“家庭”应用程序,则主屏幕是一个仪表板,显示您的房间,例程,Google Home设备以及您已设置的其他智能家居设备。 要添加新设备,家庭成员,扬声器组,甚至是新家庭,您所要做的只是点击“添加”按钮,然后选择要添加的内容。

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图19
设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图20

Just follow the instructions to set your stuff up, and if you hit any snags along the way, check out our primer on setting up your smarthome with Google Home.

只需按照说明进行设置即可,如果您在途中遇到任何障碍,请查看有关使用Google Home设置智能家居的入门文章

使用Google Home拨打电话 (Make Phone Calls with Google Home)

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图21

Your Google Home can also double as a pretty legit speakerphone—and it can do so without you ever having to touch your actual phone. Just say “Hey Google, call <person or place>” and poof: like magic, it’ll initiate a call.

您的Google Home还可以兼作传统的免提电话,而且无需触摸实际电话即可实现。 只需说“嘿Google,给<person or place>打个电话”,然后po一声:就像魔术一样,它会发起呼叫。

It’s also rad because you can set it to use an anonymous number, your Google Voice number (if you have one), or even your personal phone number. All of these things can be set in the Google Home app under More Settings > Calls on Speakers.

也可以使用rad,因为您可以将其设置为使用匿名号码,Google语音号码(如果有)甚至个人电话号码。 所有这些内容都可以在Google Home应用中的“其他设置”>“扬声器通话”下进行设置。

For detailed set up instructions, check out our post.


获取烹饪说明,购买东西以及各种其他东西 (Get Cooking Instructions, Buy Things, and All Sorts of Other Stuff)

设备无法获得谷歌运行怎么办_因此,您刚刚获得了Google主页。 怎么办?插图22

My “main” Google Home is in the kitchen because that’s where I find it to be the most useful. Cleaning up? Play some music. Baking something? Set a timer (you can also change the volume of the timer alarm). Cooking? Get step by step instructions without ever having to touch your phone. Seriously, that’s a game changer.

我的“主要” Google Home在厨房里,因为这是我发现它最有用的地方。 打扫干净? 播放音乐。 烤东西? 设置一个计时器(您也可以更改计时器警报的音量)。 烹饪? 无需触摸手机即可获取分步说明。 说真的,那是改变游戏规则的人。

Getting recipes is super easy to do, too: search for what you want, then send it to Google Home. We actually have a full tutorial on how to get rolling, so if you’re into more granular instructions, give that a peep.

获取食谱也非常容易:搜索所需内容,然后将其发送到Google Home。 实际上,我们有一个完整的教程,介绍了如何滚动,因此,如果您需要更详尽的说明,请先窥视一下

But wait, there’s more! You can also tell your Google Home to buy stuff for you, and it will. It does this using Google Express, but you’ll also have to set your shipping and payment preferences up in the Google Home app. Detailed instructions can be found here if you want a closer look at how it all works.

但是,等等,还有更多! 您还可以告诉Google Home帮您购买东西。 它使用Google Express进行此操作,但您还必须在Google Home应用中设置送货和付款首选项。 如果您想仔细查看所有工作原理,可以在此处找到详细说明

Of course, since your Google Home is basically just Google Assistant in a speaker, you can also do all of the cool stuff you do with Assistant on your phone, like ask it questions, get a daily briefing, keep a shopping list, and a lot more.

当然,由于您的Google Home基本上只是扬声器中的Google Assistant,因此您还可以在手机上使用Assistant来完成所有有趣的工作,例如询问问题,获取每日简报,保存购物清单以及更多。

If there’s a function you want and can’t seem to find, you can also set up custom commands using Android and Tasker. It’s not the simplest setup, but the given the time and patience, you can make it happen. Find out how by going here.

如果有您想要的功能,但似乎找不到,也可以使用Android和Tasker设置自定义命令。 这不是最简单的设置,但是只要有时间和耐心,您就可以实现。 找出如何通过这里

Google Home is crazy-powerful, and its functionality is expanding every day. The voice controls is very natural, and the more you use it, the more you’ll find you can do with it.

Google Home功能强大,其功能每天都在扩展。 语音控件非常自然,使用的次数越多,您会发现可以使用它的越多。

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